Hotel dla kotów Bella Warszawa

Luksusowy Hotel dla Kotów Warszawa


Hello Cat Lovers from all over the places.I just want to let you know that when searching on the Internet for a place for my Emily to stay – cat originally from Gdynia ;)- I found an awesome place called Koci Hotel Bella.I also found a very warm voice on the other end of the line -Yvonne- which gave me an instant feeling that I’m on a good track and time prooved that I wasn’t wrong. Koci Hotel Bella is the best place to leave our life companships for long or perhaps short period of time. They are fead with cat food and a lot of love.Oh, and something else the hotel rooms can easily compete to a lot of 5* hotels where I stayed, in fact as my work colleagues said they are envy on the kittens “vacation” at Bella Hotel 😉 I warmly recommend Bella Hotel to anyone interested for such a place

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